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Sotond Industry hoses are made of 100% silicone for improved tolerance and long lifespan. Various shapes of Silicone Hose, all specifications can be customized. One stop shopping. Multiple colors for you to choose, customized according to your requirements
Silicone Hose Manufacturer
Looking for a silicone product manufacturing company you can trust? Look no further than the professionals here at Sotond. All of our silicone products are manufactured to ISO 9001:2015 and IATF 16949:2016 requirements and strict internal company standards. If you are looking for a product that can stand up to heat, cold, electricity, ozone, UV light, chemical corrosion, and much more, then our silicone hoses are for you. 
Silicone Hose Advantage
Silicone construction
Sotond Industry hoses are made of 100% siliconefor improved tolerance and long lifespan.
Silicone Hose Specification
Various shapes of Silicone Hose, all specifications can be customizedOne stop shopping.
Silicone Hose colour
Multiple colors for you to choose, customized according to your requirements
Silicone Hose Product
Silicone Straight Hose
Silicone Hose Reducer
45° Degree Silicone Elbow
90° Degree Silicone Elbow
135° Degree Silicone Elbow
180° Degree Silicone Elbow
Silicone Hump Hose
Turbocharger Hose
Silicone Hose Raw Material
3A certification standard | hygiene | no impurities, water infiltration
Silicone rubber has excellent high and low temperature resistance, aging resistance, weather resistance and hydrophobic performance, long term use in a wide temperature range of -50° c-200 °C, and the product also has excellent stripping, thermal tearing and other processing properties.
Silicone Hose Product
Silicone Heater Hose
Corrugated Silicone Hose
OEM Silicone Hose
Automotive Rubber Hose
Flexible Air Intake Hose
Other products
Auto Clip
Car Rubber Seal
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Silicone Hose Detection
Silicone Hose Raw Material
Silicone Hose Detection
Silicone Hose Package
We can also pack the products according to your requirements, a personalized logistics solution can be designed and delivered to the specified location within the specified time.
Silicone Hose Factory Inspection
 Sotond inspects Silicone Hose's appearance, hardness, resistance, strength, elongation, etc. before leaving the factory to ensure the quality of customers' needs
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