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Sotond is a manufacturer and exporter of automotive silicone hoses and other silicone & rubber accessories from China.Our main products are: automobile water pipes, air pipes, silicone hoses, automobile hose clamps, and automobile door sealing tapes.

Stond's automotive silicone hose products:

Tube material:100% High quality silicon
Reinforcement:4ply Polyester/Aramid/Glass fiber

operative temperature: - 40 ° C ~ 220 ° C

performance:No taste, no toxic, eco-friendly,High temperature resistance,aging

Usage scenarios:Used for Engine Air Intake, Exhaust, Water, Oil, Turbocharger, Radiators, Cooling Systerm. etc.

Applicable models: Nissan, Volkswagen, Ford, Honda, Hyundai, Mitsubishi


Silicone Hose Advantage
Silicone construction
Sotond Industry hoses are made of 100% siliconefor improved tolerance and long lifespan.
High-quality silicone raw material
Silicone rubber has excellent high and low temperature resistance, aging resistance, weather resistance and hydrophobic properties
Custom shapes and colors
Various shapes of Silicone Hose, all specifications can be customized. One stop shopping.
International standard
The product complies with the international model general standard
Factory Direct Sales|Sufficient Inventory
Sotond's factory is located in Qinghe City, Hebei Province, China. We have sufficient inventory and can deliver goods promptly and quickly.
Factory capacity:
Technical team: 12 years experienced workers, 20 years experienced engineers
Quality control: 100% inspection before shipment
Market: more than 36 countries, 1689 clients all over world
Certificate: ISO 9001 ISO 14001
8 automatic high speed braiding machines, 2 steel wire spiral machines
2 Italy VP equipment for industrial hose
4 production lines for dredging hose
10 production lines for pvc hose
Welcome buyers and distributors who need silicone hoses to inquire about the price.
Silicone|Rubber Products
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Reporter Interview
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Silicone Hose Package
We can also pack the products according to your requirements, a personalized logistics solution can be designed and delivered to the specified location within the specified time.
Silicone Hose Factory Inspection
 Sotond inspects Silicone Hose's appearance, hardness, resistance, strength, elongation, etc. before leaving the factory to ensure the quality of customers' needs
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