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Silicone Hose Manufacturer
Looking for a silicone product manufacturing company you can trust? Look no further than the professionals here at Sotond. All of our silicone products are manufactured to ISO 9001:2015 and IATF 16949:2016 requirements and strict internal company standards. If you are looking for a product that can stand up to heat, cold, electricity, ozone, UV light, chemical corrosion, and much more, then our silicone hoses are for you. 
Silicone Hose Advantage
Silicone construction
Sotond Industry hoses are made of 100% siliconefor improved tolerance and long lifespan.
Silicone Hose Specification
Various shapes of Silicone Hose, all specifications can be customizedOne stop shopping.
Silicone Hose colour
Multiple colors for you to choose, customized according to your requirements
Silicone Hose Product
Silicone Hose Raw Material
Silicone rubber has excellent high and low temperature resistance, aging resistance, weather resistance and hydrophobic performance,long term use in a wide temperature range of -50° c-200 °C, and the product also has excellent stripping, thermal tearing and other processing properties.
Sotond Industry uses the 3A certification standard in the purchase of raw materials to ensure hygiene and maintain the original color from the raw material side. In Silicone Hose raw material packaging and transportation, Sotond requirements no impurities, water infiltration, handle with care light loading and unloading, to prevent damage to the packaging and packaging glue, protected from rain, moisture, sun, acid and alkali and other impurities during transportation .
About Sotond Employees
In the Sotond, employees implement the "training first, then post" system, and conduct training for all employees, the entire process of safety rules and regulations, and safe operating procedures. After training, they can pass the rigorous examination before they can work. Master the production situation of each workshop, guide production and deal with unexpected conditions
Sotond will continuously strengthen the training of workshop employees, improve the level of operating skills, increase the way for employees to absorb new knowledge, and improve the overall quality of employees.
Silicone Hose Detection

Silicone Hose Raw Material

Silicone Hose Detection
The Quality Assurance Department conducts sampling and testing of raw and auxiliary materials, packaging materials, intermediates, and finished products in accordance with the requirements of the document, and regularly conducts testing of the number of dust particles and microorganisms in the clean area, and process.
The quality inspectors carry out random inspections of each process in the production process, and special processes need to be the first inspection, inspection and final inspection. Finally, there is a full inspection, which clarifies the person responsible and is accountable.
Silicone Hose Package
Sotond have improved the packing with the result that our recent shipments have all turned out to the full satisfaction of our customers. Each carton is lined with a polythene sheet and secured by overall strapping, thus preventing the contents from dampness and possible damage through rough handling. 
Besides, the improved packing is light in weight and therefore easy to handle. We can also pack the products according to your requirements
Silicone Hose Package
Sotond uses bar code technology and combines information processing technology to ensure the accuracy of the inventory and the necessary inventory level to ensure the optimal inflow, preservation and outflow of products into the warehouse. It can provide real-time inbound and outbound records and newer cargo transportation inquiries. 
According to the actual situation of the customer, a personalized logistics solution can be designed and delivered to the specified location within the specified time.
Silicone Hose Factory Inspection
Silicone Hose Factory Inspection - 1
Silicone Hose Factory Inspection - 2
Sotond ensured that the quality index of Silicone Hose products conforming to the contract's technical standards, and random sampling tests were conducted on site, and all the technical indicators met the contract's technical requirements before they were approved for shipment. Sotond inspects Silicone Hose's appearance, hardness, resistance, strength, elongation, etc. before leaving the factory to ensure the quality of customers' needs
Q: Could we pay a visit to your factory ?
A: Yes, you are always welcome to visit our factory.

Q: Can you send us a sample to test quality before ordering ?
A: Yes, we can provide sample by free but the freight and other charges is payed by the customers.

Q: Can you produce goods with special specification ?
A: First of all, we need to know the specification in details, and then we need to check with our technology department. We will give customers satisfying reply as soon as possible

 Q: What's the MOQ?
 A: Usually, Our MOQ Is 50pcs to 100pcs. Depends on Different Models. Or If Some Items Are in Stock, less Quantity Can Be  Accepted, too. Pls Feel Free to Contact Us for Checking.

 Q: What's the Payment Terms?
A: We Accept T/T, LC, Paypal, Western Union and Alipay. Usually, It's 30% Deposit and the Balance before Shipment by T/T. L/C for Large Amount. Then Paypal, Western Union, Paypal and Alipay Are for Small  Amount.
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